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Message from Pastor Corey

Welcome to Hope City Church and welcome to our Touch Point Ministry.  Our Touch Point Ministry and Touch Point Ministers serve as your first point of contact when experiencing hardship or difficulty, primarily in the area of sickness and the death of a loved one.   We are here to ensure that EVERY member has a resource, a person to reach out to in the event that you need guidance or support.  Remember, we don’t do life alone!”

Meet Your

Touch Point Leaders

Dwayne has been a faithful member of Hope City Chuch and is an ordained minister. He is no stranger to serving and loves the people of God. He has a strong passion for the Word like no other, and he is ready to assist and connect with you. Supporting Members: A-D

Minister Dwayne Ruff

Cell Number: 912-231-7110 (text or call) Email: [email protected] Supporting Members: A-D

Kronski is an ordained minister at Hope City Church. He has a desire to honor God and serve God's people. He is an active member of our worship team and seeks to always encourage people through the Word of God. He is ecstatic about his journey at Hope City, and he is even more excited to connect with you. Supporting Members: E-L

Touch Point Leaders  - 1
Minister Kronski Jones

Cell Number: 912-662-6586 (text or call) Email: [email protected]

Shana is a woman of strength when it comes to the things of God, you can be confident that when she prays, God begins to move. She is an active member of our worship team and has led small groups. She carries a wealth of knowledge and would love to connect with you. Supporting Members: T-Z

Minister Shana Ruff

Cell Number: 912-373-6027 (text or call) Email: [email protected]

Jeneane is a faithful member of Hope City Church. Her smile is infectious, and it is obvious that she has a special connection with Christ. She is excited to be a Touch Point Leader and she is ready to connect with you. Supporting Members: M-S

Jeneane Harris

Cell Number: 757.696.6569 (text or call) Email: [email protected]

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