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Young and old.
Every walk of life.
All men are welcome.

“Manhood” has been under attack for quite some time in our culture. It’s often seen as toxic, oppressive, abusive, arrogant, and rooted in the lust for power. And sadly, there are too many examples of men who have validated these criticisms. As a result, many men just aren’t sure how to be confident and effective in their world. They want to bring their strengths, abilities, and unique gifts to the people around them, but aren’t sure how. Or they fear they will be rejected if they do.

As a Brotherhood, we want to cut through the confusion and discover God’s roadmap for true masculinity. A way of living that balances strength and tenderness, truth and grace, work and rest, boldness and humility, leadership and servanthood, and above all love.

The Brotherhood meets every 4th Saturday at Hope City from 9AM-11AM

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Brotherhood is a community of men united in our pursuit of Jesus. We focus on Christ for our model of manhood. Our ultimate goal is to help each other be formed into true disciples of Jesus. In doing so, we not only find our greatest satisfaction in life, but we are able to bring blessing and life to those around us, especially our families. Being formed into the likeness of Jesus doesn’t happen in isolation. It happens through learning, support, accountability, encouragement, and challenges from other men.

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