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In Your Struggles and Suffering

Hope Counseling Center provides Biblically based Christian counseling services in a safe and confidential environment to individuals, families, couples, and students. We understand that things like preparing for marriage, the birth of a child, or taking a new job are joyous events that also have the potential to bring some level of stress to our lives. 

Then there are those times in life during which you may just need spiritual, mental, or emotional support to experience Freedom in your life.  The Hope Counseling Center is here to assist you!

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide wisdom and excellent service to our members and the local community with integrity and Christ-like love.

If you or a loved one is struggling, we are happy to help.

Proverbs 11:14

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.

How to Schedule

Step 1

Fill Out a Counseling Form

Give our team an idea of what you’re struggling with so we can best pair you up with the best counselor.

Step 2

Expect a reply via email or text

A member of our counseling team will reach out with your next step, which can include a 15 minute discovery call .

Step 3

Select an appointment date

All counseling sessions at this time are done via video zoom.

Counseling Services Offered

How Can We Help You:
* Pre-marital – *SYMBIS Facilitators
* Marital
* Divorce Recovery
* Dating/Relationship
* Family
* Youth & Adolescent
* Grief
* Depression – *Non-clinical
* Career (Purpose)
* Financial – *Certified Financial Coaches

* We do not diagnose, counsel, or treat Mental Health matters. 

We can provide referrals to licensed professional counselors if needed.

Ready to get real hope and help?

Our Stories

Biblical Counseling Saved Our Marriage

“Biblical counseling saved our marriage of thirty plus years. We had grown apart to the point we were living separate lives and divorce was on the horizon. We barely talked much less express love for one another. Biblical counseling brought us back together and more importantly back to Christ.”

The Bible has Answers and Encouragement

“The six months that my husband and I spent at Hope Counseling were vital in teaching us how to deal with a difficult ‘blended family’ situation… With specific instruction, firm accountability, and gentle discipline, we were reminded weekly that the Word has practical answers, effectual truths, and an abundance of encouragement…”

Ready to get real hope and help?

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