To help all those who are broken and hurting find truth and healthy relationships through the power of Jesus Christ.

We do not provide long term counseling. We typically see individuals for four to six sessions. If you feel this time frame is not adequate for your needs, we can refer you to a licensed Christian counselor.

If this is an emergency or a matter of life and death, please call 911 immediately. If you need to speak with a pastor, call (912) 335-1161 and ask to speak with the Pastor on Duty.


Hope City Church Lay Counseling Ministry is designed to provide encouragement, insight, and biblical guidance during times of crisis, change, and personal or family difficulties. Our lay counselors will listen and help clarify, offering hope, encouragement, prayer, and sound biblical advice. Our goal is to help the counselee resolve the challenges he/she facing.


Lay counseling is not mental health care and should not be substituted for professional therapy or counseling. We do not perform psychiatric evaluations, nor do we prescribe medication. Our lay counselors are well trained to address many situations and life challenges, but there are some counseling situations that are beyond our training. When this is the case, professional counseling will be recommended. We are not licensed therapists; we are trained biblical lay and pastoral counselors.

Biblical Counseling is available to those in need of help with life issues. We offer help for individuals, couples and families. Jovanna Javis oversees our Counseling Department made up of pastors, elders and trained lay counselors.

Counseling Services Offered

  • Pre-marital – *SYMBIS Facilitators  
  • Marital
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Dating/Relationship
  • Family
  • Youth & Adolescent
  • Grief
  • Depression – *Non-clinical
  • Career (Purpose)
  • Financial – *Certified Financial Coaches

Lay Counseling services are provided to members of Hope City Church free of charge and to non-members for a nominal fee.

We provide referrals to those individuals and families who may need professional clinical services, as we do not diagnose, counsel, or treat mental health matters.  The Barnabas Center for counseling or one of our approved professional counselors is available for a Fee.  Rates will be provided upon request.

To receive more information about services offered, or to schedule a confidential appointment, contact the Counseling Center at (912) 335-1161