If I follow Jesus, everything will be easy.

In this week’s episode, Whit George and Adam Bush discuss the questions, “What’s the point of pain?” “Why do bad things happen to good people?” We’re looking at the idea that “if you follow Jesus, everything will be easy.” We like to call a statement like that a true lie. There’s a hint of truth to it, but ultimately the idea has resulted in a misunderstood, broken concept … a true lie

Adam shares his story of losing his dad at a young age, and they discuss that complicated question we all face at some point, “Why?


How do you fill in the blank? Do you think everything will be safe? Everything will be your idea of good. The journey of following Jesus means following Him into the unknown and into times where you will not be able to answer that question. In this episode, Whit and Adam talk about what to do when you don’t know that everything will be alright. When you doubt that God is really good because what’s happening to you is really bad.


If you’ve done any training or intense workout, you know that pain produces fruit. The same is true for following God. God may not orchestrate the pain we face, but He will use it to produce fruit in you. We can find comfort in knowing that with God, there is a point to pain. 

We do people a disservice when we say, “Follow Jesus, life will be easy.” What we really mean to say is, “follow Jesus. Life will be better.” Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be worth it? Yes. 

What is a True Lie?

Sometimes it feels like you’re not allowed to question the ideas you grew up believing. In this first season of Spirit In Motion, we want to look at concepts we’ve grown up saying and believing, ask questions, and discuss both sides of the conversations. Next week, we’ll be exploring the true lie: Christians should be ready to defend their beliefs.

Listen to Whit and Adam discuss the point of pain.

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