About Going Deeper: Exploring the Life of Jesus


Our Going Deeper blogs are all about helping you take scripture and apply it to your life.

Taking the life and teachings of Jesus found in scripture or a church service and using it to change who you are, the decisions you make, and the way you relate to the rest of the world takes time and practice.

So in addition to our weekly church gatherings, we put together In Motion Going Deeper Blogs for you to explore the life of Jesus, better understand your role as a Christ follower, and ultimately start a life that is constantly in motion toward Jesus.

Meeting the real Jesus

We want to help people meet the real Jesus. It’s easy to think if you give God your good behavior, in return He’ll protect you. Or if we read the Bible or say a prayer every now and then, He’ll bless you. Sometimes we end up thinking of God as a sort of vending machine. But to really have a relationship with God, to know Him for real. We find Him to be more than useful, we need to find Him to be beautiful.

We need to find God beautiful.

God desires relationship with you, and there is life in that relationship. God is our creator, and connection to Him is connection to life itself.  In other words, the deepest, most meaningful thing about existence is that we’re connected to this Creator. So to get closer to Him, is like getting closer to the source of life and everything good. It’s like the sun on a plant, there’s growth. Finding God beautiful is really the journey of what it is to be human, to become fully yourself, and fully alive.

Through these blogs, we want to help you make Jesus the object and focus of your affection. We want to help you consistently move toward Christ with every decision you make.

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